Compliance of Property Documents

If acquisition of property is an arduous job, procuring, maintaining, updating the property documents and ensure periodical compliance with Government authorities, is equally a painstaking job. Most of us tend to neglect to maintain property documents in order and postpone updating the records, due to our busy life style. We will understand the importance of up-dation of property documents and compliance with Govt. authorities, when Govt. authorities initiate punitive actions and or when we want to deal with the property in terms of Khata transfer / Tax payment / Sell / Transfer / Mortgage / Execute Will etc. Sometimes, in the absence of few important documents, we may stand to lose the deal itself.

To address this critical need of maintaining updated property documents in order and ensure periodical compliance with Govt. authorities, we have devised a unique service ‘PropAudit’, which deals with property documentation, indexation, compliance and updating of property documents.


Interested citizens to enrol with us for ‘PropAudit’ service, as per enclosed Registration Form.

On receiving the request, with a set of property documents along prescribed fees, in the first stage, we will arrange for indexation of documents [segregating title reports, title documents, revenue documents, requisite approvals, other link documents, loan statements (if loan id availed on the property), insurance policies (if property is insured)] and putting them in order.

We will prepare an Audit Report on available documents and list out missing documents, explaining the nature of each missing document, importance, legal necessity of the same and to approach which authority to procure the missing documents. The Audit Report will be placed in a secured file and all property documents will be filed in order and handed over the client.

We will also have one hour counselling session on one-to-one basis with the client and advice on all related matters pertaining to the property.

The Audit report will also mention the estimated cost and time-line to procure the same, in case ‘PropSeva’ is entrusted with such a service.


The time line to complete the first part of PropAudit and issue detailed report shall be 10 working days.

Cost factor:

The fees for Audit of one property documents will be in the range of Rs. 7,500/- to Rs. 10,000/- depending upon the type, size, cost and volume of work involved, which will be of decided after initial counseling with the client.

Property Audit Part 2: Compliance and updating property documents

The second step is collecting missing documents from clients or from various Govt. Offices (if advised by the client) and update revenue documents, such as procuring latest Khata extract, Khata certificate, latest EC (encumbrance Certificate) and latest property tax paid receipt.

Since the work involved and cost involved is different from one property to another, we will provide such customised services on case to case basis, only after informing the estimated costs upfront and having approval from respective clients.

The third step is to digitalise all property documents. We offer ‘E-Vault of Documents’, which helps in digitalising your property documents and maintain property documents on the cloud and retrieve them, anytime anywhere in the world. ‘E-Vault services’ is offered as customised service and the cost varies from one property to another. After assessing the size of digitalized folder, we will be able to inform the estimated cost for the service.

Tail piece:

Order us for ‘PropAudit’ of your prized properties and buy a piece of mind!