Construction Quality Check


Whether you buy an apartment/villa which is under construction or ready to occupy, until now, there were no professional teams or technical tools available to verify the construction materials used and assess the quality of construction.

We at ‘PropSeva’, have partnered with leading American Company engaged in construction quality check to offer most accurate checks in civil, electrical and plumbing works and also common facilities in apartment complexes.

Our trained Counselors explain in detail, how the comprehensive quality check is carried out by experienced Civil, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers using most advanced equipments and arrange for Comprehensive Reports at most affordable costs.

On assigning the work, our associate Company will engage its team comprising of qualified and experienced Civil, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers to thoroughly verify the quality of construction.

The team with the help of most advanced digital equipments conducts various inspections and arrive at minute details, identify the flaws and problems on civil, electrical and plumbing works and provide a detailed report with onsite photos and possible remedies.

The construction quality check is highly useful when you have booked an apartment and the builder is ready to handover the completed unit. Once you have details of flaws, problems and the remedies and you can prevail upon the builder to get the flaws fixed. Quality check is also equally useful when you are buying a built property or given contract to construct your building.