Estate Planning


General Counseling:

Estate Planning is a process of making proper arrangement for the protection, preservation and provision of person’s assets for the benefit of himself, his family and loved ones.

Our Counselor (qualified Estate Planner) will have a detailed counseling session to understand about clients’ assets, business ownership and his/her plans for retirement years with an emphasis on healthcare expenses and his/her wishes for leaving assets to family members.

Our Counselor will study all possible alternatives and provide a wider view on how to proceed for making proper estate planning.

Data Collection:

Data collection comprising of all types of assets, which may be in the form of cash deposits, shares & debentures, Mutual Funds, Insurance products, Gold & Jewellery, Business ownership and real estate assets in the form of landed properties and built properties, etc., will be collected and discussed in detail.



Tools of Estate Planning:

Our Counselor will have 2-4 sitting with clients to understand the purpose of each asset created. He will collect present value of the asset, the past performance and analyze whether the asset is performing as expected.

Our Counselor will apply tools of Estate Planning, such as Will, Living Trust, Power of Attorney, Nomination and Assignment, Married Women’s Act, Health Care planning, Living Will, Life Insurance and Business succession plan etc. to draw a detailed preliminary Estate Planning.


Comprehensive Estate Plan:

After taking expert opinions from our Associate professionals such as Financial Planners (CAs and CFPs), Approved Valuers (Chartered Engineer), Taxation and Insurance experts and Property Advocates, a final comprehensive Estate Plan will be prepared and explained to the client threadbare.

The comprehensive estate plan will be reviews periodically, for younger clients once in 5 years and for elderly clients may be after every two/three years.