Property Disputes

General Counseling:

Disputes arise in many matters between two or more individuals/firms and disputes related to property are not an exception. It is said that where higher amounts are involved, human greed is higher and so, disputes related to properties shall be higher.

A startling fact that in Courts, 70% of long pending litigation cases are related to property disputes. Most of the time, the dispute is between close relatives.

Property related disputes mainly arise for not properly maintaining property documents and not executing proper documents while inheriting ancestral properties, dividing existing properties amongst all legal heirs. Although family settlements and partition deeds needs to be registered at very nominal registration costs, unfortunately due to of lack of education, many family partitions are done orally or written on white paper and sometime, one or more stake holders signatures are also missing.

When buying properties worth Lakhs and Crores of Rupees, it is noticed that even so called educated people do not approach a Property Advocate, buy rely on Bond Writers sitting under Banyan tree near Courts/Sub Registrar’s office. This casual approach leads to improper recitals of title deeds, sale agreements and other instruments leading to unwanted disputes lateron.

We at PropSeva, offer a detailed counseling session with the clients and thoroughly understand the dispute, its nature, relevance, monies involved, and parties involved in the dispute and guide the clients with proper approach to resolve the disputes.


It is estimated that more than 50% of the disputes could be resolved through an independent Arbitrator, at minimum time frame and at much lesser costs.

An Arbitrator will be a senior Advocate or a retired High Court / District Court Judge, who has handled hundreds of litigations pertaining to property disputes. Even the Court authorities are putting their best efforts to get settled property disputes under Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996, and trying to avoid strenuous procedures of civil/criminal suits.

We at PropSeva, assist our clients in referring to an independent Arbitrator for all kinds of arbitration services, so as to get settled the disputes related to the properties at much lesser time frame and at most affordable costs.

Litigation Suits:

When Arbitration efforts fail, it becomes inevitable to approach Civil/Criminal Courts to seek justice in case of property disputes.

We at PropSeva, assist our clients in referring to Senior Advocates who are experts in litigation cases pertaining to property disputes.