Property Services for Non Residents

Real Estate dealings are complex in nature involving legal, technical and financial matters of intricate nature and as such, once it comes to purchase/sell/manage/mortgage real estate assets, one needs guidance from expert professionals who have good exposure in the real estate dealings.

‘PropSeva’ as the name suggests, offers all services to make it absolutely effortless for you to manage your property.

From very simple tasks like paying property tax, property insurance etc. to review of your housing loan to reduce interest cost, to the more rigorous process of conducting a due diligence before purchasing/selling a property, we have the expertise and systems to simplify it for you to a great measure.

‘PropSeva’ is a unique collaboration of successful professionals with decades of experience such as Mortgage Bankers, Advocates, Chartered Engineers, Property Valuers, Estate Planners, Chartered Accountants, Certified Financial Planners and Property Insurance Professionals, making this organization, a first of its kind.

Secure our services; liberate yourself from a plethora of property related issues, and be rest assured that you will walk out with a prudent resolution!

PropSeva: Services for Non Residents

  1. Counseling Services: We offer one to one counseling services to individual NRIs on all property related matters. The counseling session can be fixed on prior appointment, either in person (at our offices) or through Skype/Webinar lasting up to 60-90 minutes. All matters on legal, technical, financial, taxation and insurance related shall be discussed and possible guidance will be offered.

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Fees: One Counseling session will cost Rs. 2,500/- per property.

  1. ‘PropKshema’ (Basic Property Management Service): We offer property management solutions such as basic services, add-on services, customized services and specific services.

‘PropKshema’ package offers detailed inspection reports – twice a year (Biannual), property tax payments (annual), insurance premium payments (annual), and mortgage/liability checks.

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Fees: Please refer the table below. Fees are charged on annual basis (to be paid in advance). Actual charges like taxes, insurance premiums etc. are to be borne by the clients. The package includes free counseling either on PropAudit (Property Audit) or PropRaksha (Estate Planning), a saving of Rs. 2,500/- plus 18% GST.


* 10% discount (on fees as above), on annual renewals (for continued subscription annual fees shall remain Rs. 9,000/- for CBD  properties and for other properties it shall be Rs. 13,500/-.

‘PropAudit’ ( is a comprehensive property documentation and compliance service and the counseling session for the service which lasts for 60-90 minutes is offered free with ‘PropKshema’.


‘PropRaksha’( is a comprehensive Estate Planning service) and the counseling session for the service, which lasts for 60-90 minutes is offered free with PropKshema.

Please note that services of ‘PropKshema’ are handled by trained Executives under the guidance of seasoned professionals such as Mortgage Bankers, CAs, CFPCM,, CTEPTM, Chartered Engineers, Insurance experts and Property Advocates.

  1. ‘PropAudit’: Property documentation and compliance services include property documentation, indexation, periodical updating and complying with all statutory authorities and advice on existing loans and insurance needs of the property.

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Fees: For one property, the fees range is Rs. 10,000 -20,000 for indexation and providing detailed audit report and suggestions on procuring required documents. Separate charges for procuring documents and updating them periodically and such fees would be informed upfront in each case.

  1. ‘PropRaksha’ (Estate Planning): Estate Planning is a process of making proper arrangement for the protection, preservation and provision of person’s assets for the benefit of himself, his family and loved ones.

Our qualified Estate Planner (CTEPTM – Chartered Trust and Estate Planner) will have a detailed counseling sessions to understand about all types of assets, business ownership and his/her plans for retirement years with an emphasis on healthcare expenses and his/her wishes for bequeathing assets to family members/dear ones/philanthropic activities.

Our team comprising of Estate Planners, Valuers, Off-shore Taxation Experts, Bankers and Advocates will study all possible alternatives and provide a wider view on how to proceed for making proper Estate Planning and review such planning, periodically.

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Fees: Depends on case to case basis.

  1. Legal Services: We offer assistance in legal reports, original document verification, search reports, drafting of agreements, deeds and supervision of registration of deeds etc. We also offer assistance in procuring documents from Government Authorities. Our panel also has Senior Advocates specialized in Arbitration and settlement of property disputes and conducting legal suits at Courts.


 < Rs. 1 CRORE  Rs. 1 – 3 CRORES  > Rs. 3 CRORES
1 LEGAL SCRUTINY REPORT    15,000    20,000  25,000
2 ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS VERIFICATION    3,000    4,000     5,000
3 SEARCH REPORT – SRO OFFICE    5,000     5,000   5,000
4 DRAFTING OF SALE AGREEMENT    7,500    9,000   10,000
5 DRAFTING OF SALE DEED 10,000   12,000    15,000
6 SUPERVISION OF REGISTRATION  4,000   5,000   6,000
  1. Technical Services: We offer assistance in Surveying of lands and buildings, Valuations Reports (in Banks/Income Tax/Other formats) by Senior Valuers, detailed estimations of constructions, Construction supervision, Plan approvals from competent authorities, Verifying approvals obtained and Government liasoning assignments.

Fees: Depends on case to case basis, such as size, locality and cost of the property etc.

  1. Financial Services: We offer counseling on financial planning to buy/sell/mortgage properties and arrange Home loans, Top-up Loans, Balance Transfer Loans, Loan Against Properties – both residential and commercial etc., from leading Banks and Home Finance Companies (HFCs) at competitive interest rates and on easy terms and conditions.

Fees: Depends on case to case basis, ranges from NIL to 1% of loan amount.

  1. Property Dispute Redressal:

We offer a detailed counseling session with the clients and thoroughly understand the dispute, its nature, relevance, monies involved, and parties involved in the dispute and guide the clients with proper approach to resolve the disputes through a wide network of Bankers, Arbitrators and Advocates, specialized in litigation suits related to property disputes.

Fees: Depend on case to case basis.

We offer a special discount of 10% to NRK Card holders, as compared to our standard fees. The offer made here as above is valid till September 30, 2018. ‘PropSeva’ may revise the rates from October 1, 2018, which would be notified in the month of September 2018, through proper channels or individuals can verify the changes though email communication.